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Part of my emotional restoration. This is one of those books that I always return to. That and instructional videos for instruments I cannot play. Defragmentation is absurdity emobossed in necessity.


Olá Stalkers,

I have taken some time off writing, for a few months or so. i need to collect more gasoline for the next story and i am undertaking a heck of a thing with my family uprooting from the city and moving to a country city that we have never been to or seen and with no work lined up for myself whatsoever. Something like this requires a deal of focus and positive energy. Thus I can't afford to immerse myself in another project, considering everything I write is so murky and turbulent emotionally. i can't be there. Not for the next few months.

Next year will see the continuation of The Free Art Collection though i will be focusing more on works to catch the glimmer of agents and publishers.

the next project will be Oh Culto !
I like forward to the experience fo writing and living the fragility and metamorphisis of a lady. Planned for sometime next year will be book 3 in the CITY trilogy I, Cannibal.

I expect I, Cannibal to take at least 6 months to write, a great deal more t…