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A Rising Fall Photo Shoot

Shots taken from the "A Rising Fall" shoot in Jan 2013.
Fotos by Carla Raiter
Themes: C.SeanMcGee
Girl: Nenagh

Gazpacho - Demon

the mostt extraordinary art is being created in Norway.
Their latest album is DEMON
Please buy their record.

The Wizard of Altai Mountain

Gazpacho - Track 2 off Demon

My own new piece 'HAPPY PEOPLE LIVE HERE' is coming along wonderfully. It is far more human than anything I have written to date. And i feel much freer, now that I don't care anymore.
Take Risk and Take Care,

Inspiration - Casualties of Cool

If you haven't listened to this man, you really should. Devin Townsend is an incredible human being and I am thankful that i i live and am at my own maturity, at this exact time.
These are some tracks from his new project with a mesmerizing singer named Ché Aimee, also from Canada. The project is called Casualties of Cool.


Buy their music. Ensure this man never stops making music.
Take Risk and Take Care,

Buy Coffee and Sugar Paperback


Strange Literary Fiction

This is the story of Joao, an uninspiring country boy who moves to a slum in the city with his drunken, violent, preacher father; The Bishop and falls for amiable prostitute named Charity. Like life, the perfect drink should be bitter sweet and coffee is the resonance of existence in that; like the perfect coffee, life has many grains of bitter days; the type of days that might rot your stomach if they are all that you have. But every now and then, one has a few sweet moments that make the tough days easier to digest, meaning one can take the learned lesson from life; the good and the bad and then strengthen their resolve and return in the morn with an eager thirst for more. All João ever wanted was to be of some use. All he ever wanted was to belong. And far away from the molesting lick of the sun, where his brothers and sisters toiled upon the dusted, arid earth, Joao will find himself, inside the sediment of a city, at the bottom of a ceram…

The Terror[blist} Paperback

The Terror[blist} PAPERBACK

The Terror{blist} is an ironic and dark humoured short story that examines the masculinization of idealism and the probable effect of the contrary. In a well of depression, Gavin, quits his telemarketing job and joins a group of radical idealists. In the days leading to his act of terror, a typo has all news stations emasculating the acts of his terror group. Thinking he will be remembered forever as someone less than a man, Gavin ponders the things that men do.

"Real Men Wear Vests"

Support Independant Artists.. Fuck the intangible. Fuck Digital. Buy a book.
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On Raising Victims

On Raising Victims:

"An infant never learns to sooth themselves to sleep. They learn, abadoned in seclusion, that no matter the volume of their despondence, no matter the force in their tears, when they are alone and frightened, no-one will ever come to their rescue. The infant does not soothe iself. He or she merely surrenders. And it is in the home with their mothers and fathers where the infant learns, in the face of their monsters, to remain silent and submitting " 

- C. Sean McGee On Raising Victims

Alex and The Gruff (a tale of horror) 2nd Edition 
Release: ePub, Mobi, PDF, Paperback Coming Soon
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