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Jonathon and The Collector

Jonathon and The Collector:

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Jonathon who loved nothing more than playing in the wild forests of his imagination. He had a mother and father who loved him so dearly and friends of plenty of whom he danced with so freely. But one day whilst playing by himself in snow, dear Jonathon met a man he quite surely didn´t know. The man said to him: “My boy, have you the time, for if you have none you can make haste with mine”. Jonathon thought what a strange thing to say, for why would a man count existence away? “A second, a day or a week or a year, are treasures to keep, my boy, nothing to fear”. Jonathon knew that his musings were wrong, that time only is, in each note of a song. And just as a note may be grandiose and vast, a song that´s been sung cannot sing in the past. “My boy you´re so clever, then care you a treat? I have in this bag a prize for your feat”. Jonathon smiled and ran to his side and tugged at the bag to peer deep inside.  “My child if yo…

News 6-12-14

After a brief illness, or moreso, after the swift and viscious defeat of a cruel genetic syndrome, and with a new boxing bag and more extraneious and gruelling physical regime in check, writing will recommence on {untitled} in the coming week. I expect a release in 2015, hopefully before the new STeven WIlson album is released to distract me. *******and out of a heinous middle finger to pop culture and the whole 'judging a book by its cover', The Time Traveler's Wife continues to disorientate, offend, and confuse, after 3 weeks, remaining at #1 at Amazon UK for Romance and #11 for Science Fiction. In the solemn existential words of John's Nipple - "Expectation preceeds disappointment" ******** Take Risk and Take Care, C.SeanMcGee TheFreeArtCollection₢2014