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The Best Bad Reviews - The Time Traveler's Wife

Something I had been meaning to get around to doing, posting the genuinely awesome negative reviews for The Time Traveler's Wife, of which there are pee-lenty.

Polemic Pandemic - The Accidental Best Seller

So what happened with this book? How the hell did it become a best seller on both Amazon US and UK, and stay at number 1 in Sci-Fi Romance; Sci-Fi Time Travel, and number 8 in Sci-Fi for over 4 weeks? How the hell did it almost beat out George RR Martin? And how on earth did it manage to outsell such classic Sci-Fi Romance novels as "Probed: Sizzling Alien Tentacle Sex"

"I thought it was the other book."

Turns out, there is another book of the same title. Pretty popular actually, a best seller. And not in eBook format. So as irony would have it, my book became a best seller because it was confused for a best seller.

I actually caught some of the movie on Netflix. It was like a visual enema, so i get the genuine frustration. For this well, being offended only remin…

Ineffable Photoshoot

INEFFABLE Photoshoot Photographer: Mari Merlim Araraquara, São Paulo, Brazil, 2015
Ineffable International Release Date: 24 December, 2015

My name is blahh

Too many cats got the smart angle covered. So me, and good folk I know, we take our introverted intelligence and point it towards the grossly obscure and down right weird. This song dates back to '05. Ten years old. It was written at 03.17am in the back shed/studio of a dear friend's home. It's a fable or a tragedy of sorts, of the fragility of friendship. Maybe I was echoing some demons at that point. BUt it some fun electro, sexy, groove, grind.

My name is blahhhhh.....
Inky pinky promise i will be your bestest friend,
And we'll be silly billy buddies till the very end,
I tell you I like you, like you, like you, you're the best,
I will never hurt you like i did with all the rest,
I'm a fluffy bunny that is funny never sad,
Inky pinky promise me, you'll never make me mad.
My name is blahh.......

Sometimes I'm a silly billy like my silly dad,
Once i ate the bestest bestest friend i ever had,
This fucking fluffy bunny can be very very bad,
Doing n…

Ineffable Photoshoot

Ineffable Photo Shoot
Photographer: Mari Merlim
Location: Araraquara, São Paulo, Brazil

Last Thursday the shoot for INeffable was done downtown in Araraquara on a balmy 40 degree day. I have to say, it's a superlative experience, collaborating with exceptional artists such as Mari. 
I want to thank her sincerely for dancing with her demon, in order to tango with mine. It was nice to have company on this ineffable journey. 
The rest of the shoot to follow. For now, just a peek.
Ineffable Release Date: December 24, 2015
Take Risk and Take Care, C.SeanMcGee

self induced paradox

It has become patently clear that if i didn't write, i would be happier. And that alone, makes me sad.
Take Risk and Take Care,

{Ineffable} excerpt

"Before equanimity there was fear, and with it, an omniverse scripted upon the most irrational logic. It created worlds of disparity, indifference, and indignation. And it spawned a culture of misery that spread through the seed of existence. Fear is the division of self, the infinite fracture of the whole, with neither part behaving in accordance with good and proper mathematics."

- The Good Doctor

{Ineffable} C.SeanMcGee ₢2015

{Untitled} extract

"Drowning is a mouth watering experience." excerpt from the novel {untitled} by C.SeanMcGee ₢2015


Sometimes in the obsession of one's work, they find themselves immersed and overrun by their ideas.

The second part of my latest novel takes place in 4thspatial dimension.
Whilst doing some thinking activities (hanging the washing and declotting a persians fur) i discovered the irrational - what i perceived to be a hypercube in my own laundry.
Astonished, and slight rattled, i decided i would only ever know what would become of an extra dimension by dissecting this absurd occurrance. It was when i opened the tesseract that i saw my dear cat Banana, with a bewildered look on her face, for she had been trapped in an interdimensional paradox for god knows how long - maybe even since lunch.

She quickly removed herself for supper, and another cat dived in. It seems cats and hyperspace are not such strange companions afterall
Take Risk and Take Care,
C.SeanMcGee www,

on light

Light, as it were, is but a current in the vast ocean of time. extract from the novel {untitled} by CSeanMcGee ₢2015

Bazar Bizarro

Aside from writing, (not everything is dark and sleazy existentialism) I have something esle that fills me with pride and surpassses anything that i do on my own accord; because I do so and create with my family, and more so, my partner in art, my wife Keli. Bazar bizarro is our brand of Alterntive kids clothing. A project of absolute passion.
Bazar Bizarro "Colorful like Childhood"
Art is an infantile expression that is surpressed on our path of responsibility, chasing the idea of being "adult" Our creation is clothes that are not bound by 'names' 'steroetypes' 'prejudice' and are not limited by the adult fears. Every color is for every child. Our philosphy is that color represents happiness, and happiness  is an artform; where art itself represents liberty; that anything is possible. So, this is our first advertising campaign really pushing more than our brand, but the people behind it. Our family, and our small team of passionate seamstr…

A Prayer for Being Alone

“Sleep my dear child, From tiredness that irks, Father’s in the field, And mother’s left for work. Come down from the rooftops,
The little cat that sneaks, Keep vigil on my child; may she, Sleep a quiet sleep.”

Excerpt from the new novel - {untitled} C.SeanMcGee ₢2015
*due early 2016


You should, for the life of you, watch and listen to Tigran Hamasyan Trio.

Tigran Hamasyan Trio
Performing "Mockroot"
** I am in the final editing phaze of the first half of {untitled}, my latest novel. Writing of the second part of this rather large story shouldf commence next week. I have no idea of a release date as of yet. At the earliest, I would assume close to Xmas 2015, maybe early in the new year. I am writing without a connection to calender or time, to le tthe story evolve into whatever gargantuan stature that bests defines it. It will be done when it's done. Until then, douse your ears and consciousness in the river where i wet mine.

Excerpt: {untitled}

"Death is in the state of the vessel, and not the state of the soul."
- The Ringmaster
{untitled} C.SeanMcGee ₢2015

An introduction to literary accounting 101:

Breakdown of author royalty.
Title: The Time Traveler's Wife List Price: US$2.99 Royalty: US$1
PAid Royalty example: US$100 (paid in cheque)
Cashing royalty (from US dollar to Brazilian Real)
Royalty Value: US$100 US taxes: US$30 Bank Fee for cheque conversions: US$50 per cheque
FInal Royalty: US$20

So in short, for every 3 dollar book sold, I, the author take a 1 dollar royalty, and from this 1 dollar royalty, after US taxes and bank fees, I am left with 20 cent royalty. This does not take into account declaration of earnings to Brazilian government for US revenue which is between 30-55%. Sales that occur outside of US (australia, Europe, Japan, Canada, India, South Africa, Mexico), cannot be cashed, as Brazilian banks do not work with any currency outsde of US dollar. So end result on royalties for UK sales (where The Time Traveler's Wife was a best seller), is zero.
So, in short,even when there is money in art, there is no money in art. This is why i give my books for free. The exte…

{untitled} a certain kind of milestone

This far in, one forgets where they came from, and the where the hell it is they are going. 
I feel lost, and alone; so completely unsure of myself, but i have no choice but to carve through my own indecision and self doubt, and continue, until i work towards some kind of ending.
This book is basically 2 books joined by the death of 3 characters
I haven't taken on a challenge like this before. I am relying on my endurance from muay thai and running, that lonely will to persevere - regardless of whose shouting you on, you're in this alone.
This will be some story indeed.
Take Risk and Take Care,
C.SeanMcGee Visit the BookStore

On Writing

The self loathing, scathing mistrust, and abandoning of one's own companionship along the way, these are the traits that make writing such a miserable obsession. Who in their right mind would have such little self-respect, as to begin a novel?

News: The City Saga, The City Musical, Audio-books

News: CITY (A Rising Fall, Utopian Circus ......) has been relegated as a Saga as opposed to a trilogy. There is just too much to explore. 2016 will see the commencement of a series of prequels to "A Rising Fall", a series of short stories called City Tales, giving a glimpse into The City, before the blackout. Also in the works for 2016 is a long anticipated return to collaborating with a dear friend, Adam J Keane. I don't want to give away too much at the moment, but we are thinking of epic story telling in the vein of Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' For those who heard the industrial/rock/metal/classical/blues/jazz musical that inspired A Rising Fall and Utopian Circus, called The DeDMeN Trilogy, this will be a complete re-working of that idea. For those of you who haven't heard this Heavy Rock Musical yet, contact me below for a link to download the three albums. cseanmcgee (at) hotmail (dot) com As for 2015, my current piece {untitled} is progressin…

Mindful Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn
Meditation, the act of sitting and being silent, really is a radical act in such a rigid and thoughtful society - thoughtful, not as in being aware, but as full of thought, good or bad, and accustomed to being taken away by it. Mindful Meditation is practiced in hospitals worldwide and more so, in psychiatric hospitals were both my mother and father work. Meditation, stillness, silence and more so, loving kindness does not weaken our endeavor or soften our mould, in fact, it steadies our aim and in the flight of words, it clears our path.  For myself as a philosopher and storyteller, its sharpens my wit - it allows me to orchestrate thoughts in my conscious mind as opposed to being orchestrated by them; to be the conductor and maestro to my subconscious. It also keeps me at absolute peace, when i return from the dark corners where i find those little bits of light and hope in my stories. It lets me return without judgement, upon me or by myself upon…

A Thought

You are not your thoughts, just as, the young man who stands on the mountain's edge watching the valley below, is not the cloud that is forming under his feet, that which lifts and gently settles in front of his sight to blind his view. He is neither the cloud, nor is he blind. 

- C.SeanMcGee


I haven't said this yet but thank you for reading my books.

Take Risk and Take Care,


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