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I haven't said this yet but thank you for reading my books.

Take Risk and Take Care,


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Strange Literary Fiction by C.SeanMcGee

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Available Titles (Paperback & eBook)
A Rising Fall (City b00k 001), Utopian Circus (City b00k 011), Coffee and Sugar, Heaven is full of Arseholes, Christine, The Boy from the County Hell (Rock Book Vol I), Dark Side of the Moon (Rock Book Vol II), Alex and The Gruff (a tale of horror), The Terror{blist}, The Anarchist (or how everything I own is covered in a fine red dust), Happy People Live Here and  The Time Traveler's Wife (Amazon Science Fiction Best Seller)

Limited copies of A Rising Fall (1st Edition) are available for sale directly with the author. This unabridged version contains original artwork,  as well as chapters and scenes removed from the 2nd Edition, though it suffers from many typos; the human factor. The curse …