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Mindful Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn
Meditation, the act of sitting and being silent, really is a radical act in such a rigid and thoughtful society - thoughtful, not as in being aware, but as full of thought, good or bad, and accustomed to being taken away by it. Mindful Meditation is practiced in hospitals worldwide and more so, in psychiatric hospitals were both my mother and father work. Meditation, stillness, silence and more so, loving kindness does not weaken our endeavor or soften our mould, in fact, it steadies our aim and in the flight of words, it clears our path.  For myself as a philosopher and storyteller, its sharpens my wit - it allows me to orchestrate thoughts in my conscious mind as opposed to being orchestrated by them; to be the conductor and maestro to my subconscious. It also keeps me at absolute peace, when i return from the dark corners where i find those little bits of light and hope in my stories. It lets me return without judgement, upon me or by myself upon…

A Thought

You are not your thoughts, just as, the young man who stands on the mountain's edge watching the valley below, is not the cloud that is forming under his feet, that which lifts and gently settles in front of his sight to blind his view. He is neither the cloud, nor is he blind. 

- C.SeanMcGee