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Happy Birthday

You shall be seen only by those you have never met, heard by those of whom you have not spoken, and understood by those you do not know. In companionship we find then, solace; a kind of umbrage or abscondence from one's self.
Take Risk and Take Care,


a yellow breasted bird on an old fruit tree fluttered its wings as it left what a sight to be seen; for a man such as thee on the tip of his very last breath
alas nothing grew in the garden again, not a flower; not even a weed nothing but a stone, and a wreck of a home and the roots of an old fruit tree but a day it would come, when as yellow as the sun, fell a feather from a little bird's breast for above it did flutter; with no quiver or stutter where the man and the tree lay at rest

suicide ₢2017 c.seanmcgee

Pé na Cova (one foot in the grave)

"Why wait?" I said. "Why hesitate? "What good is one day from another?" You just laughed, and slapped my back; "That's a good one," you said. "That's a real good one, my brother." And so we drank to all our worries, And we drank to all the blues. And the sun it rose in a miserable light, As we drank to all of the truths. The truths we had forgotten, And those we'd rather forget. To the ones which proclaimed us a villains, And to those which we owe a great debt. And so we drank to the end of times, To love and its inevitable end. And we stumbled off home in the wee hours of dawn, Just a prick and his miserable friend.

One Foot in the Grave C.SeanGee ₢2017

Sound to inspire

Good music inspiring this next novel 
- The Inscrutable Mr. Robot
"What is it to be human?"
A story of limitless potential and unconscionable dread
**coming soon


ULVER - Porn Piece or The Scars of Cold Kisses


New book - The Inscrutable Mr. Robot - underway

Letting go

Peace of Mind

Ulver - Porn Piece

Ether book starting soon

C.SeanMcGee Dirty Peeping Stalker Windows


Dirty Peeping Stalker Windows

Leave a footprint, a cigarette butt, or a smear of lipstick

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